Jodie Foster and guns

I was going to call this post “Jodie Foster is an idiot”, but my therapist says I should be less confrontational.

Anyway, in a recent interview with the Japanese press regarding her (awful) film “The Brave One”, Jodie had to opine on “the power of guns”.

“When you put a gun in your pocket, it changes everything. It changes how you walk, it changes how you see, it changes your confidence, it changes the experiences that you allow yourself to have. In some ways, that can be quite beautiful because it gives you this false sense of power…And then of course the flip side is the monstrous side, because when you depend on the power of the gun…the consequences of that is that someone has to die.”

It betrays the ignorance, prejudice, and even the motives of the anti-gun crowd.  Just reading that, you can tell that a gun is a mysterious object of power, that endows its owner with feelings of unrivaled power and strength.   The last line of the quote shows the ignorance inherent in the position as it’s predicated on the belief that carrying a gun is about “killing people”.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to rationally address this sort of belief.  When you believe that a gun possesses power like some sort of magic talisman, you’ve passed out of the realm of rational belief and into the area of faith.   Just like a religious fanatic, someone with this mindset is going to be almost impossible to sway.


  1. What it really shows is that Jodie Foster is a moral vacuum. No guiding moral values that she can rely upon to cause her to act responsibly if she perceives she has an edge.

  2. If Jodie Foster said that, then it’s obvious to me that she’s never actually had a “real gun” in her pocket. Remember the quote from Stan Lee? “With great power comes great responsibility.” And how about Heinlein? “An armed society is a polite society.” When you mix those two, that pretty much pinpoints the character of every person I know that packs. Including myself.

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