Or, “The EU wants to run your country”, with “your country” in this case being Malta.  It seems that the EU told Malta to cease and desist their spring hunting season for quail and turtle doves.  There is no response from the Maltese government as of yet, but I fervently hope that they tell the EU exactly where they can shove their ideas.

Unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case.  It seems that the concept of sovereignty is rapidly fading in Europe; Malta has every right as a nation to tell the EU exactly where they can stick their warning.

People wonder why I’m opposed to the UN having any actual power?  Stuff like this is why – I don’t want an organization that does not have the best interests of my nation at heart to have any say on the internal policies of my nation.


  1. Then you better be paying some serious attention to the Treaty of the Seas sneaking its way through the Senate.

    Because it will destroy our sovereignty. This is the second attempt. The first time they tried to sneak it out of committee with voice vote and no floor debate, when it was stopped and forced to floor debate it was withdrawn.

    The Senate is currently trying to sneak it by again. Remember once a treaty is ratified it supercedes our constitution and this one is a very bad one. Go take a look. No reference from me. just google it and pick your own, then you’ll know I didn’t do any ‘steering’.

  2. I don’t see the problem. If Malta agreed to surrender a portion of their sovereignty in exchange for the economic benefits, then that’s their choice.

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