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And this time, we’re keeping it local – Franklin, Indiana is a small town about an hour’s drive south of me, and apparently the residents are all up in arms (ha!) about a planned gun shop in the community.

Some Johnson County residents are up in arms over a plan to put a gun shop in the middle of their neighborhood.  Dozens of residents along Main Street said they will fight the plan to protect a neighborhood they call quiet and quaint, 6News’ Renee Jameson reported.

Wow – “Dozens” of residents.  It’s too bad that they couldn’t manufacture their outrage a little more efficiently and get “scores”, or even “hundreds” of people.  Of course, it probably helps that the people that are opposed to the gun shop are kind of stupid.

Some neighbors who didn’t want to be identified said they are worried about the clientele a gun store would attract. A school bus stop sits almost directly across the street from the planned gun shop.

…see what I mean?  What kind of clientèle are you people worried about?  Are you worried about the law-abiding citizens that are going to visit a gun shop?  Or are you worried about the evil gun-owing boogeyman?

I know I’m being pretty sarcastic here – but the whole reason I’m being condescending is because their concerns don’t warrant serious consideration.  Gun owners are among the most law abiding citizens you’ll find anywhere in the country; being worried about the kind of “people” that frequent a gun store is as foolish as worrying about a bank being put in across from the bus stop.

I suppose if the “dozens” of residents in a town of 20,000 can come up with any legitimate concerns, then I’ll address them in a serious fashion.  Until then, all their worry and fear is nothing more than an unhealthy dose of pants-shitting-hysterics.

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  1. Are they worried that a customer will walk out the store and consider the school bus a target of opportunity?

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