NICS Improvement Bill

I am usually opposed to weepy press conferences where the families of victims gather round to implore “our leaders” to “do something” about The Tragedy of the Moment. As such, I wish that the WSJ article did not have this headline:

Parents of Virginia Tech Victims Urge Senate to Pass Gun Laws

That being said, the Senate needs to get their crap together and pass this bill.  Sen. Coburn from Oklahoma needs to stop getting his information from Larry Pratt, and realize that this bill is a good thing for gun owners.  I can’t tell you how many countless articles, from to the NRA have been written explaining in painstaking detail why this bill is a benefit to us.

My favorite objection that people raise to this bill is that any veteran diagnosed with PTSD could/will have their right to own firearms removed; which only makes sense if you’ve never actually read the bill, or if you don’t understand the legal definition of “adjudicated mentally incompetent.”  I have PTSD, diagnosed by a real doctor and everything, and you don’t see me quaking in my Nikes over this bill.  Another blow to the “Veteran’s Disarmament” line is that as of Oct. 4th, the American Legion has pledged to support the bill, believing that it is in the best interest of American veterans.

The draft of this is that the longer the NICS bill stalls in the Senate, the more likely it becomes that someone will attach a horrible amendment to the bill, and force the NRA to withdraw their support.  If that happens, we lose, and we lose a lot.  If this bill passes it means that the NRA gains even more political clout – and by extension so do gun owners.


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    You are so wrong about this that words escape me. I have determined, though, that nothing is going to keep you “reasonable” people from giving more abusive power to the state.

    So I hope you get it. And when you do, I hope you are man enough not to whine about the abuses that will flow from it.

    It is time to let the slow kids sit on the hot stove.

  2. Yes, they were. They had bought into the “Veteran’s Disarmament” nonsense; however they have since recanted and switched to support of this bill.

  3. If I remember correctly, state and local governments can already have their own laws regarding mental health and firearms. This law wouldn’t enable or curtail those laws, just provide a method for felons to regain their rights.

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