Do you live in Peoria, IL?

And more importantly, do you have some junky but still functional H&R .32 S&W top break revolvers you’d like to get rid of?

Then get on down to the Peoria Pastors Perpetuating Preposterousness 3rd ever No-Questions-Asked-Gun-Buyback!  That’s right, this Saturday, you’ll be able to turn in your cheap pot-metal revolvers, or guns used in the commission of a felony that you want to get rid of, and receive a $100 gift card for your trouble!

This great deal is only this Saturday, so you don’t have long to act!  If you’re a resident of Peoria, you can come own down to the church and watch your tax dollars being put to use giving money out for a program that does nothing to reduce crime!  Everyone Wins!

Honestly – gun buybacks don’t work.  It’s a completely foolish idea that is predicated on the misguided notion that by taking a dozen 80 year old revolvers of “t3h streetz”, you’ve somehow done something to reduce crime.  It bothers me yet further that this scam is being pushed by men of the cloth, who really ought to know better.  A religion that teaches that man is sinful by his nature should have been able to figure out that a sinful man is going to sin whether or not you take some guns away from him.


  1. That would, of course, be true if they actually believed the Bible. Any pastor of a Christian church that buys into this garbage is probably more informed by his politics than Scripture.

  2. If preachers that preach gun control were right about the advances of human nature we wouldn’t need guns, or preachers. Maybe they should think about that when they pass the collection plate.

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