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I blogged the other day about the failure I had with Wolf Ammo, where a case split open in my revolver and made ejection pretty much impossible.

I emailed Wolf and let them know about it, and they actually replied, which was surprising enough to say the least.  However, they didn’t just send me a “sorry your ammo blew up” letter, they also offered to refund me for the ammo, as well as exchange the several boxes of 9mm Wolf steel cased that I have sitting around.

Needless to say, I was pleased – and I’ll pick a couple of boxes of Wolf Gold Brass Cased ammo this week.


  1. They could have a new motto: “Wolf: You probably won’t die, but if you do, we’ll refund your money.”

    Perhaps a knowledgeable person can inform us about case metallurgy.

  2. As I understand it, the issue has more to do with the chamber on your firearm – for example, since the Glocks don’t use a fully supported chamber, steel or aluminum cased ammo is more likely to rupture, and thusly cause a KB; in a revolver it was just annoying, and not really dangerous – and I’ll still shoot up the rest of my Wolf 9mm in my Taurus before I switch to nothing but brass.

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