I hate the Cowboys

Being a 49ers from the late 80s early 90s period, I grew to hate the Cowboys – I hate everything about them, from their skeezy owner all the way down to the stupid star.  I hate their stadium, and I hate every player that’s ever worn the uniform.  As an aside, I wish Tony Romo played for a different team, because he seems like a genuinely nice guy – he doesn’t deserve to be saddled with a bunch of wankers like the Cowboys.

Now, I like the Patriots.  While my Hoosier readers might shudder to hear that, I was a Pats fan before I was a Colts fan; and I’ll always root for the Patriots, just not when they’re playing Indy.

Anyway, yesterday’s Pats-Cowobys game was AMAZING.  It was everything I hoped for, because the Patriots and Tom Terrific just destroyed the stinking Cowboys.  While Rachel cries into her morning coffee, I am rejoicing in Tom Brady’s 5 touchdowns.  There was a brief point when the Cowboys temporarily took the leader where I was a little worried – turns out I was worried over nothing.

I guess it’s true that a really good NFC would just be an average team in the AFC.

Man, that was great.  I hate the Cowboys.


  1. I knew there was something about you, beyond your “wannabe-a-sailor” stint, that made me a bit nauseous. Now I understand it. :p

  2. Don’t blame me, blame Jerry Jones. Or Michael Irvin. Or any of the other cokeheads that played for Dallas during the 90’s.

  3. They’re just transients. True Cowboys fans were here before they arrived and will be here after they’re gone (and some of them, primarily Mr Jones, should go sooner rather than later).

    But my fanship (fandom? fandosity? fandango?) isn’t dependent on any of those numbskulls (which would include any idiots *cough*TO*cough* who think that when they do their freakin’ job, they need to throw a big celebration. “Look at me! Look at me! I actually did my job, for which I’m paid untold millions! You’re looking at The Center Of The Universe! Look at me!”).

    Umm…I guess I’m showing my Tom Landry (and every Texas high school and junior high school football coach I ever met) roots, eh?

  4. AHab,

    while we certainly disagree over the value and worth of those Bums from Boston, on this post we can both agree. As a lifelong NY Giants fan (and over the last 15 years adopted Washington Redskins fan – except when they play the Giants) I just love the thought of the Cowboys being humiliated on national TV.

    Can you say CHOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    up 24-21, late in the 3rd, I just loved how they blew this game like it was so much coke on the table of a cheap Dallas strip club. And your right, Tony Romo seems like a good enough guy, I just hope he gets out before he becomes as hopelessly corrupted as the rest of them.

  5. What you hate is the Barry Switzer Cowboys. So did I. When Switzer was at OU he had the same problems he had at Dallas. The only way he could establish any sort of tradition of victory was to hope for early parole of his team. Just sayin’.

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