I should give him some kind of award

Because no one I know on the internet has a nose for sniffing out PSH like Robb Allen.

I mean, I don’t know if being able to smell soiled man-diapers from 100 yards is a good skill, but Robb sure has it.

When you combine that with his skill at taking anti-gunners to the proverbial woodshed, well it’s a wonder I don’t toss links up to him more often.


  1. I dunno. With the M44, that could still be messy.

    I’m on a mission! The mission is that most people who suffer from PSH either are horribly misinformed and can be reasoned with, or are emotionally driven robots who can’t be. My goal is to educate the fence sitters who might be reading or, on those rare occasions, change the minds of those who are against.

    Check out the comments here (on my blog) and here on the original. Notice how the light is starting to come on. I mean, I doubt the guy is going to go out and pick up a nice Kimber tomorrow, but if I can get him to think about the candidates and their “positions on gun control” better, then it’s all worth it.

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