America does not want more gun laws

According to a Gallup poll, conducted October 4-7th, 51 percent of Americans favor “increased gun laws” as opposed to 47% who favor keeping the laws the same or making them less restrictive.

It’s very instructive to point out at this juncture that the margin for error on this poll is +/- 3%…which would put the “more control” and “less or the same control” groups at a statistical tie.

The other questions on the survey were even more indicative of the fact that gun control is a losing proposition these days.  To the question of whether or not there should be a general ban on the possession of handguns, 68% of respondents said that there should not be a ban on handguns, as opposed to only 30% who favor a handgun ban.

The final question was whether or not we should enforce our current laws, or pass more laws while enforcing our current laws: the answer was that 58% favor enforcing the current laws, and only 38% think that the current laws should be enforced and have new laws added to them.

To me, the last question is the most telling of them all – it indicates that the majority of Americans think that our current laws just need to be enforced correctly.  The fact that almost 60% of the country thinks that we already have quite enough gun control, thank you please, really does indicate that the anti-gun argument continues to lose credibility and effectiveness.


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