Public Service Announcement

To all holders of Federal Firearms Licenses:

Stop talking to the press.

I’m not kidding either; because despite your best intentions, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll be taken completely out of context and made to sound like you’re supporting gun control or something like that.

Not only is that detrimental to your business, but it’s bad for the sport in general.  So unless you’re really well spoken and used to doing business with the media (and thusly are aware of their nefarious trickery) then just say “no comment”.

Because they will ask you about private sales, or if there are flaws in NICS,  or assault weapons; and then if you answer truthfully and honestly, it will be reported in the papers/tv as “Gun shop owner supports private citizens selling Uzis out of cars” or something idiotic like that.


  1. This is great advice. Usually the gun shop owner or worker is our worst spokesman. They mean well, but they just don’t see the traps because they are guys who want to do business honestly. They don’t see that some others will cut corners and tape to make it look like they are nuts or stupid.

  2. Not to mention that sometimes they’re not exactly the best-informed source of firearms law…

    Or maybe that’s just here in Massa-f**king-chusetts.

    It’s just really irritating to hear stories about gun store employees who tell people to commit felonies. Like trying to sell a MA non-LEO a “marked” magazine – that’s a felony in MA since Mitt Romney {SPIT} signed the AWB into permanence in MA.

  3. No, actually he hasn’t done anything retarded in the past few months. This was because of an article I saw in some collegiate paper.

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