It’s either Christmas

Or I’m hallucinating – another self-professed liberal admitting that gun control doesn’t work, and that the police can’t protect you all the time.

When Florida liberalized permits for concealed weapons in the 1980s, critics predicted a Wild West bloodbath. It never happened.  Responsible gun owners don’t use guns irresponsibly. Go figure.  Until the cops get better at enforcing gun control on those who shouldn’t have guns, a better alternative for the rest of us is gun education, gun classes and secure gun storage.

Pretty much, yeah.  I mean, this is a great article.  As an aside, is there a full moon or something?  This is the third article in two days where I’ve found a self-described liberal admitting that the either the 2nd Amendment does secure an individual right, or that gun control just doesn’t work.

Needless to say, I think it’s wonderful.  I have never been able to figure out how someone who believed that freedom of speech extends to computers and the internet could not believe that the right to keep and bear arms extend to semi-automatic rifles and handguns.


  1. Don’t be so surprised; after all, you are a conservative guy with some fairly leftist ideas, why shouldn’t there be some liberal guys with some fairly conservative ideas? I do believe you are good friends with a super attractive gal of that persuasion living in the great city of Chicago.

  2. I think it is a concerted, coordinated effort to sooth the concerns over gun control. Remember that much of the media is coordinated and controlled.
    Also remember what has happened in Australia. They elected a party that claimed to support guns. But as soon as they were elected, the guns were all taken away.

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