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And smoke it, Larry Pratt.  You might have noticed, but I have had it up to here with the Larry Pratt and the GOA using HR 2640 to slander the NRA, as well as just lie outright about the bill itself, calling it the “Veteran’s Disarmament Act”.

Thankfully, Larry Scott at has the must read editorial on the issue, pointing out quite accurately that HR 2640 will in fact provide a road for veterans who have been disallowed from owning firearms to regain their right to keep and bear arms.

Let’s use some common sense instead of nonsense. If veterans were to lose the right to own firearms, you’d have a lot of unemployed cops. If those who have PTSD were to lose that right, there’d be even more unemployed cops and other first responders, as well. The arguments about a “Veterans Disarmament Act” are, quite simply, ridiculous and illogical.

I strongly encourage you to read the entire article, it’s excellent.  It addresses all the points brought up by the Anti-2640 bunch, and shoots them clean out of the sky.

Dealing with this has been frustrating – I am tired of defending a good bill from people that are ostensibly on the same side as I am.


  1. provide a road for veterans who have been disallowed from owning firearms to regain their right to keep and bear arms.

    If they can prove a negative to the Veteran’s Affairs folk, or a District Court, two groups really known for being progun.

  2. How can any sane member of the gun nation support any new gun law? Where do we draw the line?

  3. Because this is a good law. Right now, there is not codified appeal process for Vets who have had their right to own firearms stripped away, this law would put that process in place.

    Additionally, it would provide funding to the states to ensure that their records are kept up to date at the federal level.

  4. With all due respect my friend, all good and reasonable gun laws were passed prior to 1930, everything since is totalitarian. Let’s go back and reread the Second.

  5. I wouldn’t mind at all being able to go back and have an essentially unrestricted 2nd Amendment; but that’s not the political reality of the situation. The reality is that gun control laws exist, and they’re not going to go away.

    Would I like to repeal the NFA act? Most certainly – but I doubt that’s going to happen. What I can do to help the cause is support laws that do good things for our nations gun owners, as well as adding to the political clout of the pro-gun movement.

    This bill is a net win for us: the NRA gets positive publicity for the moderates because now people see them as “willing to work”, veterans get the chance to restore their gun rights, and the ability of the states to keep accurate records of people who have been adjudicated mentally incompetent.

  6. “veterans get the chance to restore their gun rights.” Think about that for a moment. Are you a vet, Ahab? I am. The very thought of the government using their power to take away my right to use and own a weapon is disgusting and so wrong as to not be worth discussion nor debate.

  7. I am, actually. During the Clinton administration, several thousand vets were placed on the “no-guns” list for various reasons – one of the provisions of this bill is to provide an avenue for those dispossessed vets to restore their gun rights.

    I don’t see how righting the wrongs committed by a previous administration is a bad thing.

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