Here we go – as much as I like football, this is what October is all about.  Baseball playoff time, and this matchup should be a pretty good one.  We’ve got the Angels, out of my old home state of California against my beloved Red Sox.

Beckett vs. Lackey, Big Papi and Vlad…I am looking forward to this series.

So, here are my playoff predictions.  Sox take the Angels in 4 games, advancing to the ALCS where they meet the Indians, who are coming off a 3 three game sweep of the (spit) Yankees.

Over in the NL, the NLCS will be Phillies vs. Cubs.  As much as I’d like to see a D’Backs vs. Rockies NLCS, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

The World Series will be the Red Sox vs. the Phillies, because the Cubbies will collapse in the NLCS.

My goals for the playoffs go as follows.

1.  Red Sox win it all

2.  Barring that, the Yankees do not win.

3.  If the Sox can’t win, I’d like to see either the Angels or the Rockies win it.


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  1. Red Sox???

    Get a clue.

    But for the Mets, they were clearly the worst team over the last month. If I were you, I’d get ready for another 90 year championship drought. Heck, Sox aint ever gonna win another one.

    Booo Hisss

    And their cheats too! Its just endemnic to Boston. Just like the Pats.

    My goals –

    1) Yanks win it all
    2) The Red Sox cease to exist, busted of cheating they are thrown out of baseball forever
    3) Cubbies!!!!
    4) Phillies win
    5) Sox go down in 3

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