Hunting again

I mentioned that I met Countertop (from The Counter Top Chronicles) last night, and during the many topics of conversation, we had a bit of discussion on hunting.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve never really been much of a hunter, having only gone for deer twice – the bulk of my hunting activities have been largely constrained to squirrels and coyotes.  Now, prior to my conversation, I had pretty much dismissed most deer hunting as “sitting around waiting for Bambi to wander through my sights”, and while there isn’t anything wrong with that, it wasn’t really for me.

However, I had never actually had the strategy of a good deer hunt explained to me.  After some explanation from CT, I came to the conclusion that my previous deer hunting experiences had only been boring because I was hunting with the wrong people.

So today, I was checking out deer season information, and I misclicked into the page about migratory waterfowl.  I am so glad I did that now.  I had no idea that Indiana had a Canada Goose season.

I hate geese.  Where I live in the suburbs, they are all over the place.  They crap everywhere, they get really territorial, and they have even interfered with traffic on the street in front of my subdivision.  Canada goose season opens for 2 days on October 20th, and then re-opens again in November.  I guess I am going to need a shotgun.


  1. While you’ll get to take out your frustrations on the geese, you won’t affect the goose population around where you live much. The smart ones stay in the city where the won’t get shot.

    And hey, (some) pistol caliber rifles are legal for deer starting this year!

  2. Shoot some turkeys, for they are the hellfowl. Satan especially created them to plague mankind.

    On top of that, Benjamin Franklin was a turkey apologist.

  3. if you want a good goose hunt come up to Michigan we have a resident goose season early on in the fall. These are the lazy geese that sit around all year eating bread crumbs from the “sympathetic” people who think they will starve…and then i end up with goose poo in my yard. Anyway these geese are essentially kobe geese, bread fed and up to 20lbs or so, the size of a decent turkey and great eating.

  4. Same with me and gators. Hate ’em. They do eat a lot of geese and that at least makes them not all bad.

  5. Shotgun? Find some well fed park geese. All you need is a handful of corn and a wiffleball bat…………….

  6. Deer hunting is a full year endeavor. Get ready and get out. Get in touch with the deer and their movement. Get a feel for the lay of the land. Plot your stand location. It takes lots of time and work, but the rewards are worth it (at least to me) and at the very least (if you don’t get your deer) you could do worse than to be more in touch with the environment around you.

    Good book, highly recommended, is Michael Hanback’s Modern Whitetail Hunting: Cutting Edge Tactics for Big Bucks.

    Highly recommended for a feel of what you need to do.

    You can also check out his great Big Bucks Blog at Outdoor Life.

  7. You can stalk deer, and the late Colonel Mr. Cooper advised it. Keeps things a lot more interesting.

    Of course, you need to be willing to get your hands dirty, and find a place to store thirty to sixty pounds of meat, if you don’t want to waste much.

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