Talk about misleading

So, you’ve probably heard about the student at St. Johns that was arrested while wearing a George Bush mask and carrying a .50 caliber deathray sniper rifle muzzleloader in a gym bag.

The university had a good response, and no one was hurt. Good job for them. Now here’s the funny part (aside from the George Bush mask – Point Break, anyone?) is that I read a whole bunch of articles from different sources about this, and I could only find one source that actually correctly identified the rifle as a .50 caliber muzzleloader. Although, according to the NYPD, it was a breach-loading black powder rifle. Now, refresh my memory, but I don’t think that anyone makes a breach loading, modern design, inline black powder rifle. In fact, in the picture in this article, it appears to be a modern, inline muzzleloader.

Of course, I predict that there will be calls to have background checks placed on muzzleloaders in the 3…2…1…

As a side note, a Bravo Zulu goes out to police cadet Christopher Benson for subduing the masked man.

Update 9/28: I told you so.  I knew the media would go loco over this and start in with the PSH. Uncle and Sebastian have their say.  Someone says “.50 caliber”, and the media starts freaking out.  Additionally, it’s not a loophole.  It’s a muzzleloader.  Any gun that takes 60 seconds to reload is not going to be your weapon of choice for a shooting spree.  Especially since that same gun leaves a huge smoke cloud when you pull the trigger.

Of course, I really shouldn’t have expected too much from the media.

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