Real power

You know how they say money is power?  The Gun Shots make an excellent point about the power behind America’s Hunters.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what hunters spent last year:

Firearms: $2.4 billion
Optics: $203 million
Decoys and game calls: $187 million
Hunting apparel: $459 million
Ammo: $696 million

I doubt that those numbers include sport shooters such as myself, either.  But in case you blinked, that is 2.4 billion, with a “b“.  We talk a lot about political power, but I think that sometimes we ignore the tremendous economic power that hunters and shooters wield.


  1. Definitely something to bear in mind when people talk about banning guns across the country… think of the economic impact that kind of thing would have.

  2. Cost of licenses is not on the list. I’m in for nearly $300 for an out of state NY tags and another $75 for in state PA. That’s going directly to the states without the middle man. (And that’s a reference to the money’s the states get back from the excise taxes on those items you did list.)

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