That’s unpossible

But I thought that armed citizens with guns would only escalate robberies into bloodbaths?  Does that mean that the Brady Bunch lied to me?

A grocery store clerk in Framingham had a surprise Monday night for a would-be robber who flashed a .22-caliber Ruger and demand cash, police said.

The grocery store clerk pulled out a more powerful gun.

After looking at the .22, the clerk at A & J grocery on Kendall Street grabbed a .45-caliber semi-automatic gun

Now, I don’t actually recommend that you read the rest of the article, because in typical Masshole fashion, it’s written in this sort of breathless hyperbolic manner which makes the article nearly unbearable.

“After the suspect was shot at, he proceeded to flee on foot toward Freeman Street,” said Lieutenant Paul Shastany of the Framingham Police Department.

So, let’s see.  Badguy produces firearm, and shop owner produces own firearm, takes a shot at the badguy and misses, badguy flees.  Shop owner not charged for defending his life and property.

Apologies to Unc for stealing his line.