Remind me to go to Peoria, IL sometime

So I can trade a cheap $80 H&R .32 for a $100 gift card.

The Peoria Association of Pastors for Community and Spiritual Renewal offered $100 gift cards in exchange for working guns.

Just look at the guns in that picture.  It’s almost sad; I would say that nearly 90% of the “dangerous” guns collected by the authorities were 100 year old break top revolvers, turned in by little gray haired ladies who found it in their deceased husband’s sock drawer.

Which of course means that the police are going to gleefully destroy a bit more of America’s history.

I hate gun buybacks.  There is no single method that is more based on silly emotions and absolutely no logic than a gun buyback.


  1. I’d rather have the H&R .32, many people may not like tham but I”ve always liked shooting them with handloaded Black Powder rounds. Using a standard round ball instead of a conical bullet they make nice little plinkers.

    However, when are the Pastors going to learn that weapons and the availablity of such, is NOT the problem. It is the lack of personal responsibility, and proper parenting.

  2. You know, I’ve always wondered why it was religious groups and leaders that are calling for these sorts of things. Last time I checked, Christianity espoused the doctrine of “fallen man”, and “free will”, which if you follow that through the logical progressions would indicate that man, and not firearms, are responsible for crime.

  3. Good grief… I probably would have been willing to pay $100 for a number of those firearms… either as an interesting piece of history, or as something I could purchase for a bargain price. Even if it was not in the best condition (which a lot of those definitely are not), for that price, you could probably manage to refurb it and still stay under market costs…

    But, of course, if I tried to stage my own “buy back”, I would be arrested and up on charges for not having an FFL. Funny how that works.

  4. A couple of break-open, single-shot shotguns are in those pictures. I assume those are the rather cheap models.

  5. I am thinking of running an ad in the local paper offering $100 a pop for old rifles and shotguns. Maybe I’ll come up with a Purdy. Wouldn’t that be nice. As far as I know, I don’t need any sort of license tobuy shotguns and rifles in NYS. If it works for them, why not for me!

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