New Gun!

I am a happy Ahab right now.  The other day, while shopping for a carry gun for Mrs. Ahab, I happened upon a used Taurus Tracker, .45 ACP with 2 inch barrel and fixed sights.  This has sort of been my “holy grail” of CCW revolvers, a five shot .45 ACP based on the Tracker frame.  I have the 7 shot .357 Magnum Tracker, and it’s easily one of the best out of the box revolvers I’ve ever played with.

Needless to say, I picked up the .45 Tracker as fast as I could.  Came with the original box and papers,  and five star clips for loading the rounds.  I cannot wait to get this thing out to the range.


  1. Sounds nice. I have a S&W 625: great gun, but I have a love/hate relationship with full moon clips, as they bend and are a drag to load (unloading the fired clips is easy with a De-Mooner tool). Luckily, for range use I can shoot .45ACP w/o the clips, as a little shaking gets the brass out of the cylinder.

    That said, Black Hills is selling .45 AutoRim brass loaded with 255 grain Keith SWC at (so they say) 900 fps. I picked up a coupla boxes but haven’t shot em yet. Also, rumor has it that Cor-Bon is loading ammo in the auto-rim brass too.

  2. Now all you need are some empty microstamped .45 ACP shell casings to scatter at the scene of the shooting and they’ll never trace it back to you.

  3. Ahab,

    I too have a 4″ Taurus Tracker, in Titanium no less, and though I think it an excellent piece for its intended purpose (sidearm while hunting), I am concerned about some of the loads I’ve been feeding it.

    I find that the truly stout loads, like Speer 170grn.SP, are risking the gun due to excessive recoil and pressures. At first, certain chambers in the cylinder were having extraction issues, then, more recently, I had an experience that I’d like to never repeat. The cylinder would no longer latch, as the plunger would no longer spring back out of the tube to engage the frame and disconnect the cylinder release.

    A complete disassembly and cleaning didn’t reveal any obvious part failures, and once reassembled, the gun functioned perfectly.

    The following range session turned out to be fairly similar in that the lighter loads, up to 158grn. SP and FMJ rounds didn’t seem to have any adverse effects, but once a cylinder full of 180grn Federal JHP was put through it, the plunger problem returned, albeit temporarily.

    Had any such problems with yours? Is yours the stainless model? Wondering if gun mass may be coming into play here.

    Oh, and let me commend you on your blog. An excellent place, here.

  4. Actually, I have – but only when I shoot full-house magnums after shooting .38 Specials. What I figure is that the shorter .38 Specials are building up a lot of fouling and crud, and then when I shoot the larger, higher pressure magnum loads they severely exacerbate the fouling issue due to the higher pressures.

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