Fighting the Bushy-tailed menace

I found this amusing article in the Detroit Free Press on why you should hunt squirrels.  While I don’t think that the author ascribes to my personal opinion that squirrels are evil and out to get us, he does make some good points – and elicited a chuckle or two from me in the process.

Now as far as I know, there isn’t a Squirrels Unlimited or Gray Squirrel Society. There’s no Wild Squirrels Federation, like the organization that promotes turkeys, or a Squirrels Forever, like there is for pheasants.

I would definitely shop a store called “Squirrels Unlimited”.  I can imagine all the wacky gear and “squirrel scent glands” or whatever that they would have on sale.

All humor aside, squirrel’s provide a decent enough challenge when hunting – they are a pretty small target and not at all easy to hit.  With that in mind, it’s worth noting that squirrel season in Indiana opened on August 15th, and runs through Jan 31st.  Additionally, September 22nd is National Hunting and Fishing day.

So go blast the Bushy-Tailed Menace!


  1. Ball State has to pay professional hunters to come in and make a dent in the absurdly overpopulated campus squirrels during breaks when the faculty and staff aren’t there to get upset.

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