Word of the now

Today’s word of the now is “pwn“.

The slang term Pwn (see pronunciation note below), used primarily in the Internet gaming culture, means to own, have ownage over, and/or soundly defeat an opponent. It is sometimes used for taunting of an in-game enemy and gloating over victories.

Thanks to Sebastian, I have a textbook example of a total pwn, via blog comments.  Here is the wild pwn, in all it’s natural glory.

Remind me to not get on Bitter’s bad side.


  1. I always thought it was pronounced “pawned” as in the chess piece. “You suck so much, you’re a pawn.”

  2. “Powned” is how the youngsters around me pronounce it. And yes, Kim WAS Pwned to a fair thee well. Then again I’ve never been a fan so perhaps I enjoyed the pwn’age more than others.

  3. As in so many things, wikipedia makes for a good reference.

    BTW: I was not all that impressed with Bitter’s imitation of a buzz saw.
    But then I tired of her “no compromise” support of the NRA quite some time
    ago and dropped her off of my regular reading list.

    NRA member, but without blinders.

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