Poor Robb

Robb wants a new gun. Seems Red’s Trading post is offering a spanking new S&W .460 Magnum for about $700, and they’re throwing in the S&W .22 Magnum Wood Pellet Smoker, of which I am the proud owner.

Now, unfortunately for Robb, he is married. Which means that like yours truly, and new gun purchase has to be begged for like a dog approved by my loving wife and Budget Committee.

In an effort to console poor Robb, I will instead link to all my previous posts about my Traeger/Smith & Wesson .22 Magnum Wood Pellet smoker.  It really is one of the best boytoys that I own, not only does it reward me every time I use it with a 2 foot high flame, but the food that it produces has literally no equal.  For something that I can toss in the back of my Subaru and take to a football game, or camping, or just use on my deck, the little Traeger has no equal.

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  1. That is one sweet price. Maybe he can put it on layaway. I was torn between the .500 and the .460 (which as we all know is a really really BIG .45), stumbled across some offers I couldn’t refuse and eventually wound up with both. Not brandy new because I have this hangup about buying anything new that has a Hillary-Hole, am working on getting over it, but both guns were shot maybe a cylinder-full and thats close enough to new for me. Sometimes. NOTHING beats NIB but when the price is screaming BUY-ME whats a guy to do.

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