Bring on the Seattle Moonbats

A couple of days ago, I blagged about how the Makah tribe in Pac Northwest was being investigated by the Coast Guard for illegally hunting a grey whale out of season.  While the focus of my blog post was on my surprise that the ATF hadn’t shown up at the first whiff of the word “machine gun” (which turned out to be no machine gun at all), it did occur to me at the time that the granola-eating-save-the-whales-hippy-nutbags in the Seattle metro area would go apeshit over this.

Needless to say, I was 100% right.  In response to the original article in the Times (which does not mention a machine gun) I am duly rewarded with one of the most hysterical pages of editorials that I have ever seen.

So the Makah Tribe seeks its “right” to harvest whales for cultural purposes — in a ritual that makes as much sense in modern times as the Incas sacrificing children to the Corn God to ensure a plentiful harvest — and then slaughters a gray whale illegally with a machine gun? That’s one proud tradition.

This one is my favorite.  In the span of a paragraph, he says that whales are morally equivalent to people, and claims that a machine gun was used.  What’s really funny is that the original Times article specifically says that the weapon used was a “high powered Weatherby rifle”, and CNN reports it as a .50 BMG rifle, not a .50 caliber machine gun.  But let’s not let facts interfere with our hysterics.

“Cultural”? With a machine gun? What type of culture needs a machine gun to kill a defenseless animal?

As a former Seattle resident, I understand culture and am appalled. After all, I have lived in Saipan for 12 years with Chamorros, Carolinians, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese and other people from the Asia Pacific region. I now live in Guam, with people from the same area. This is the first I have heard that using a machine gun is “culturally OK” to meet subsistence fishing rights.

Once again, it was not a machine gun.  But that’s okay, because clearly the fact that you’ve lived all over the Asia Pacific region qualifies you as an expert in North American Indian Tribe.  God, I really hate pretentious liberals.

Since Phil already has a link up to original incident at RNS I probably won’t have to wait too long to get his commentary on the moonie reaction.

For the record: I do not think killing whales is cool.  It’s not that I don’t think they shouldn’t be killed, but I do think that they should not be wasted as the whale in this question was.  It’s meat and blubber went to waste, and that is sad.


  1. I saw that one too, Ahab, and would have posted it if work wasn’t ignorant/crazy right now.

    As for this latest whale going to waste, their “sanctioned” one did too. Cut a bit of it up for ceremony and left the rest to rot.

  2. > As for this latest whale going to waste, their “sanctioned” one did too.
    > Cut a bit of it up for ceremony and left the rest to rot.

    *That* is disgusting.

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