Weapon of choice

Apparently, the badguy weapon of choice (at least in NYC) is no longer the “assault weapon” as loudly proclaimed by the media.  No, this week it’s the lowly Hi-Point 9mm.  For a brief period, I owned a Hi Point C9, and you can see my review of it here.  To say that I was underwhelmed would be putting it mildly, and I eventually sold the Hi-Point, saved up a little bit more cash, and purchased a Taurus PT92 – which incidentally does not suck the big one.

Back to the article regarding the apparent wide-spread use of the Hi-Point for criminals in New York, one section caught my eye.

Selling for as little as $250 on the street, the High Point 9-mm. dominated a list packed with cheap firepower.

$250 for a Hi-Point?  Man, someone is making an absolute KILLING (ha-ha) of the resale of these things.  I bought mine for $125 brand new, and you can get them from FFLs via Gunbroker for as low as 100 bucks.

This does illustrate a point about the high blackmarket demand for handguns, a demand which is not abated by any gun control laws.  Frankly, the most interesting part of this article to me is the economic nature of the blackmarket.  I must confess a fascination that a cheap, unreliable firearm commands an illegal price more than double what it would retail for to a lawful citizen.

While this may be slightly morbid, I’d be really interested to see what the markup for good quality firearms, which models are the most popular, etc.  I suppose it’s what I get for being a Business major in college.


  1. I suppose we could assume that more expensive handgun models are usually stolen instead of purchased.

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