Feel good measures

It must be nice to “do something about gun control” without actually having to do anything; and to top it off, make a tidy profit while you do nothing!

The spring 2008 collection of Brandon’s clothing line Melani Von Alexandria, which debuted at a SoHo art gallery Thursday as part of New York’s Fashion Week, featured items fashioned out of real guns that have been collected by Philadelphia sheriff’s deputies, melted down and sculpted into cuffed bracelets, dangling necklaces and pendants.  Her tagline: With each piece made, another gun is taken off the street.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this article.  And actually, that last sentence in the paragraph I quoted is an outright lie, because the guns had already been taken “off the street” by the Sheriff’s Office, so really she’s not actually doing anything.

Uncle has a saying that “Gun Control is what you do when you don’t want to do anything”, and I’ve never  seen it more aptly applied than right here.  While I applaud this woman’s desire to “stop violence”, I am also relatively certain that taking already confiscated firearms and turning them into jewelry isn’t going to help anyone.

But hey, now she can feel like she’s “making a difference”, without having to do any actual work beyond taking melted junk and slapping it on some designer clothes.   It’s nothing but a empty show, designed to make people “feel good” about themselves.  When you get down to it, that’s what gun control is all about – it’s most powerful force is blind appeals to emotion.


  1. Well, considering that those firearms are likely to never see the light of day again, I guess this is as good a fate for them as any. That said, the whole art-show aspect of it, as well as that idiotic tagline, is nothing more than an exercise in ego-stroking and over-inflation of self-importance.

  2. It’s a cool thing, if you don’t think about it in a gun-control sense. The idea of melting down guns, stereotypically very masculine, to make high-fashion jewelry, stereotypically very feminine, is very intriguing. Melting down any one object to make a very different object is also very intriguing. Claiming to do so in the name of gun-control weakens the entire project, artistically speaking.

  3. i would love to know what will happen after this

    is this going to make her clothes sell or not that is the bottom
    line with any product . whether it be fashion or not
    good tag line bad tag line ,are the high end fashions going to sell or not

    crime is still going on and the clothes after the fashion show and all the hoopla
    need to be sold , please respond and tell me if you think these fashions
    will be profitable

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