Too bad for Germany

The Euro-Nanny State wins again!

German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble dropped plans to ease gun-control laws, bowing to complaints within the ruling coalition that the move threatened public safety.

“Safety comes first,” Schaeuble said in a faxed statement today. The government will give “absolute priority” to security concerns.

I suppose however that I should show some respect to the Interior Minister, as he was trying to ease the gun control laws.  Specifically, he was attempting to have the law that mandates the minimum age to own a firearm as 21 repealed, and have the minimum set back to 18.

Unfortunately, his fellow party members and other members of the government decided that this would somehow create public danger, and his move to make an eminently reasonable change to the law died in midstream.

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  1. I have to agree – for a Euro to do anything that might give a citizen more freedom… damn, that’s a refreshing change. Even if he backed off the idea fast.

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