Speaking of hunting

John Lott goes over a few of the reasons that hunting is in decline in the States, and Sebastian adds his commentary. Over at Countertop, it seems he has attracted the ire of one of the of the Anointed Defenders of Fuzzy Bunnies.

With regards to the piece by Lott, I am not much of a hunter. It’s not that I don’t like hunting, or that I think it’s wrong, it just isn’t much of a starter for me. I don’t honestly feel like spending my Saturdays out in the Indiana woods in freakin’ November – in case you hadn’t noticed, it gets cold up here.

Moving on to Counterop and his new friend, I have never understood the whole “hunting is bad” thing; nor do I understand people who feel like animals are equal to people. I don’t get it. Some people honestly believe that animals, things that have no art, no music, are the moral equals of people. I just don’t understand how several million years of evolution could bring you to that conclusion.

Finally, I just bought a box of these for my .45. I have no idea what I’m going to use them for, but the little guy that sits on my shoulder keeps whispering “Bambi” into my ear. Or possibly coyotes, although coyotes with an 8 inch handgun would be a hell of a shot.

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  1. What are the ballistics on those things??

    I’d be more than willing to come help you hunt bambi in the woods of Indiana is you wanted??? And where in Indy are you??? I was just at Purdue two weeks ago. Will be returning to Indianapolis and Purdue first week of October – though I see it won’t quite be deer season yet. Still, perhaps I can bring my Ruger Blackhawk and we can wallow in the joys of .45 Colt!

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