In response to Sebastian

Who is responding to Tom Gresham’s question about what we should call the AR-15. Sebastian says we should call it a service rifle, which seems to be pretty accurate to me. Kevin thinks the whole thing is stupid, and I sort of agree. I don’t think that coming up with a new industry term for the Evil Black Rifle is going to change people’s perception about AR15s.

But in the spirit of cooperation, (and because I can’t think of anything else) I have a top ten list of new names for the AR15.

1. Pansy Poodle Shooter
2. A Girl’s Gun
3. The M14’s retarded little brother
4. A .22 on steroids
5. Evil Black Rifle
6. The Rifle I bought so I could look cool at the gun shop
7. I can’t believe I spent $1400 on this
8. Seriously, I could have bought two or three good lever actions for what I paid for this
9. PSH Inducer
10. The Underwhelmer

Or, you know, we could just call it what it is. A self-loading rifle.

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