I haven’t pissed people off in a while

And today is as good a day as any. In all seriousness though, these shenanigans need to come to a close.

Allow me to explain something here. Renting is not financially superior to owning a home. Yes, by renting you have avoided the whole sub-prime mortgage collapse, and you are not currently getting raped because your ARM just shot through the roof. Newsflash bucko – not everyone who owns a home has an ARM. We all know that you weren’t renting specifically to avoid this fiasco, so stop saying that you were.

Now, someone who rents because they’ve realized that they’re not in the financial position yet to own a home and would prefer to put money into savings, etc; that person is smart. Similarly, people who buy homes that are inside their price range and get good, stable financing because they can now afford a home are smart.

Stop saying that you’re smarter than people who bought with ARMS because you’re renting. Owning real property is better than paying someone to live on their property.

Now, don’t think that homeowners aren’t going to get some of this. If you got an ARM, or bought a home that was beyond your means and now you’re getting screwed, stop blaming other people. It is no one’s fault but your own. The mortgage company did not put a gun to your head and tell you to sign on the line, you chose to do that yourself. If you expect the government to bail you out of your own financially foolish decisions, then you should be beaten with a Louisville Slugger until you aren’t retarded.

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with all these people? I swear, basic principles of economics should be beaten into every man, woman, and child in this country so that people will not do stupid things like this.

Finally, to the mortgage companies that are coming apart right now because of a shitty business model: You guys are retarded. Seriously, that was your plan? Talk about an utter lack of foresight. Stupid wankers.


  1. Superiority time. I bought my home with a 15 year fixed. My rate is below 5% and will paid off in a few more years. I guess I must be pretty dumb to not be renting, huh?

  2. I rent because my income stream and credit rating ensure that I would merely be renting from the mortgage holder for thirty years, rather than a landlord.

    I rent because I like the fluidity of being able to up and move whenever I want without the headache of having to sell a house.

    I rent because I don’t want to deal with the fiscal and maintenance hassles of property ownership.

    For me, renting makes sense, but then I am a single gypsy; were I in a stable situation with a family and a career, buying a home would make more sense for me.

    I was chided for renting recently by a person who no more owns her home than she owns her car; both get traded off for a newer model long before that final payment is made. She’s no more a “home owner” than I am; the difference is that I realize it.

  3. There is a difference between what you’re doing, and what I was ranting about. You’re renting because you recognize the realities of you financial situation; and in so doing have decided that renting is the solution that works best for you.

    I never said that there was anything inherently wrong with renting; the objects of my ire are the people who are not, and have never been in a position to buy due to their own foolishness now saying that they’re “renting because they wanted to avoid the market” or somesuch.

    In effect, I’m ranting about how hypocrisy annoys me.

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