Quote of the Now

Sometimes, I forget how smart my brothers are. This from one of my younger brothers.

I don’t know, I think a lot of people could use a bit of a reminder that the safety they take for granted is not always guarenteed. I mean, I live in (white-bread Seattle suburb), for god’s sake. But there’s still crime here. I mean, a couple weeks back some vandals went through my apartment complex smashing car windows and jacking everything in sight.

“Prepare for nothing and hope for the best” seems a terrible philosophy, and if encountering someone who takes the opposite tack can stimulate some thought, then why not?

The genesis for this conversation was the aforementioned open carry conversations that ensued at the cookout last weekend. The key part of my brother’s line of thinking is “stimulate some thought”; and lately I have begun to wonder if that’s even possible. I find the concept that my friends could be so dogmatic as to not even consider other positions and just be paying lip service to be “nice to me” rather disheartening.

I would much prefer to have someone disagree with me, and say so; the alternate course of pretending to agree is entirely too dishonest for my taste.