Dear Republican Leadership

Please stop making it so hard for me to defend my position as a conservative. You see, while I have no issue with whom various individuals choose to have sex with, I have an issue when elected leaders commit crimes.

I understand that DC is rife with corruption, I really do. However, whenever one of you wankers (ha) goes and does something stupid like this, it takes another chink out of the credibility of the party, and people who espouse conservative values as a whole.

While I have changed my registration to Libertarian as a matter of principle, I still believe in voting for viable candidates that espouse a majority of my political views, which usually causes me to vote Republican.

However, you toolbags are making it very difficult for me to not want to move to Mexico.



Author’s Note: I am simply disgusted with the entire political landscape right now. If you would like to read a blog entry on the Larry Craig scandal that doesn’t include my utter sense of disgust, go to Snowflakes In Hell. Sebastian has good commentary here.