25 ACP Terminal Ballistics

It’s been too long since I fed the fans that originally came here because of a link from Mouseguns.com (which is still one of my better traffic referrers).

I found a cool link whilst bouncing about the internets for the terminal ballistics of the puny .25 ACP. Some guy shot a bunch of .25 ACP rounds into water jugs and recorded his results, which seem pretty cool. Again, not scientific tests per se, but the data is interesting; and best yet he doesn’t draw any “conclusions” he just puts his data out there for you to read.

It does seem to back up Fits‘ belief in the Speer Gold Dot as a good round out of a .25 ACP. Not only did it expand a little bit, but the penetration wasn’t too shabby. It also just adds more data to my belief that Glasers from a mousegun are a silly-assed idea.