More on Glaser Safety Slugs

In the three part series I wrote on Home Security, I very briefly mentioned Glaser Safety Slugs as a possible option for a round that won’t over penetrate interior walls. In the intervening time, I’ve actually done some research on the Glaser Safety Slug line of products, an interesting product of which was my discovery of this thread on The High Road.

In the thread, the poster fired a round of Glaser through a simulated interior wall and into a block of ballistic gel. What makes the result interesting is that on impact with the wall, the Glaser “closed up” – the jacket folded over the ballistic tip which prevented the explosive fragmentation of the round on impact.

I would be very interested if someone did further testing on this issue. Since one round is not a scientific sample, and actually barely counts as evidence; I’d like to see a much larger sample size, as well as a test of the performance through other types of barriers, such as a 2×4, heavy clothing, etc.

The problem with a test of that kind is that it would be expensive. 6 9mm +p rounds run 12 bucks from Midway USA, .38 Specials are the same price, and a pack of six .357 Magnum rounds runs $12.50. That means if I wanted to load the magazine of my Taurus Pt92 to full capacity (17+1), I’d have to buy $36 worth of ammo. And that’s just one magazine.

Were I to be fully honest, I would confess a certain fascination with Glasers. Some people absolutely swear by them, and others think they’re just another crappy novelty round. I think I will buy a six-pack or two, shoot them at some stuff, and we’ll see. If they’re accurate and controllable in rapid fire, I could see myself carrying them.

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  1. Any luck with this yet? I, too, have been interested in Glasers, mostly because they seem like ‘security theater’ to quote Bruce Sterling.

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