CNN Foolishness

Browsing this morning, I found a link to a page where CNN would like you to rate your top ten leisure pastimes, out of a pre-selected list of 20. The link is here.

Hiking is the only “outdoor” sport on their list of 20 leisure activities. Why am I not surprised that I don’t see “hunting”, “fishing”, or “shooting” anywhere on their list?

In the comments, I want you guys to rank your top ten leisure activities, including ones that CNN doesn’t think are acceptable. For the shooting sports, target shooting should be differentiated from hunting, or hunting practice.

My favorite Leisure Activities

1. Spending time with my wife – All time with my wife is good time.
2. Target Shooting – Nothing brings the relaxation like squeezing the trigger.
3. Playing video games – Specifically, MVP Baseball: NCAA 2006.
4. Surfing the Intarwebs
5. Reading things – books, magazines, it’s all good.
6. Watching the idiot box – mmm…Mythbusters
7. Playing sports – racquetball, mostly, but next year I’m going to get that softball team.
8. Watching baseball – this is separate from general TV, as baseball watching is an event.
9. Cooking – I still love to cook, and to grill things.
10. Going out – Mrs. Ahab and I often enjoy a night out, whether it’s listening to a live band, having dinner, or spending time with friends.

My list is way more interesting than those bogus options on