Round Count – counterpoint

Well, I guess this amounts to an unintentional “point-counterpoint” series here. I had planned on posting today about backup guns, reloads, etc, when I was directed Chris’ post at his blog about his backup guns and reloads that he carries.

The reason this entry is a counterpoint to the on at Anarchangel is because I had planned (and still will) talk about why I don’t carry a reload, or a backup gun. I’m one of those guys that carries a wheelgun around; specifically the king of the “meat-and-potatoes” a Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum. I’ve found that with the right holster and careful clothes selection, I can readily conceal that revolver, even with a four inch barrel. Shockingly, with only six rounds, I don’t feel under armed or poorly prepared for anything.

The first reason that I don’t carry a backup gun is an issue of size – I am not blessed with a 6 foot frame, or the bulk to lug two fully loaded handguns around. If I’m carrying the Ruger, that’s it, that’s all the gun I can realistically support. A backup gun, even one of those dinky little Kel-Tecs, or a 2 shot derringer, is going to take up pocket space that I don’t have.

I look at sentences like this, and I just have to laugh.

Oh and I also always carry a knife; a way to deal with screws, small nuts and bolts, and wire (either a multitool, or a keychain tool); a flashlight (actually I usually have two); some cording (550 cord); and a way of making fire.

I’m not making light of Chris’ choices, if he’s comfortable with that, excellent for him. I just can’t imagine my 5’6 frame waddling around with that amount of crap on or about my person. Between my cell phone, my work Blackberry, a multi-tool/knife, one carry gun, my wallet, and my keys, I’m out of pockets, and belt space is pretty much used up as well. But hey, if you can squirrel all that stuff on or about your person somewhere, more power to you.

The weight/bulk and lack of pockets are also why I don’t carry a reload – but the other factor is that as a civilian, the mathematical odds of me getting into a situation where I’d need to discharge a firearm are pretty long. The odds of me being in a situation where I’d need to discharge a firearm and would need more than 6 rounds are even longer.

Like I said, I don’t want you to think that I’m mocking Chris, or making light of what he carries on a regular basis. I’m not – what I am doing is saying that what works for him might not work for you. For that matter, what works for me might not work for you.