Range reviews

I have mixed feelings about doing this, because I don’t want my favorite shooting range to get all crowded with shooters every weekend. At the same time, it really is a great place to shoot, despite the fact that they’re only open on weekends.

If you’ve noticed, I usually go to the range every other weekend. When I go, I go to Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range. Their unofficial website is here, and it has a breakdown of the rules, calibers allowed, etc.

Right now, they only allow pistol, rimfire, and muzzleloading calibers (note on ML, you have to use Pyrodex or another BP substitute); currently centerfire rifles aren’t allowed. I keep hoping that one day I’ll check the website and there will be a big banner that says “you can now shoot centerfire rifles at Eagle Creek”. That would make me a happy boy. As it is, it’s nice to have a well built outdoor range where I can go shoot.

If you’re familiar with the Indianapolis area, you know that your shooting choices aren’t all that great. If you want an indoor range, you’re stuck with Popguns, or god forbid, Don’s Guns. Through my time in the Coast Guard, and in every waking moment I’ve had until today, I have never feared more for my life than when I was on the range at Don’s Guns. I won’t even put a link on my page to that clown. Popguns is pretty good, but it’s limited to 50 feet and no rifles. Plus, Popguns is always crowded as hell on weekends, thanks in part to their godawful “member” system, which I’ve heard their getting rid of. Honestly, the one thing that keeps me from going to Popguns (even in the winter) is that the wait time on a Saturday is just hideous.

I’ve heard good things about the Marion County Fish and Game association, but I don’t shoot there. My main reason for this is because according to their range rules, .22 Magnum rifles aren’t allowed, which pretty much kills my favorite rifle. However, they do have steel matches on Friday nights, which I keep meaning to shoot.

When you really get down to it, the main reason I like going to the range at Eagle Creek park are the people there. All the range staff are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Despite my youthful appearance, I have never been treated (or referred to) as “the kid”. In case I’ve not made it abundantly clear, the most efficient way to get me to never visit your range again is to condescend to me because I look young.

Short version – go to Eagle Creek. The wait times are short, the people are nice, and you can shoot all the way from 7 yards to 50 if your heart so desires. It’s a great place to shoot.

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