Airguns are not toys

Just ask Jesse Joseph DeJesus Perez. Wait, you can’t ask him, because he’s dead. Okay, maybe you could ask Andrew McGowan, although he might have a bit of trouble talking around his his missing tooth.

Relax, I haven’t turned into some gun grabber demanding that BB guns be banned and regulated, I wouldn’t do that to you. What I am saying is that I see a lot of stories from people who don’t treat BB guns, be them airsoft or otherwise, with the same respect for the four rules. Yes, I am aware that “playing” airsoft is quite popular pursuit, and I even agree that airsoft has some practical application in force on force training.

The difference is that in those airsoft games (which I think are silly, but that’s another story), paintball, and force on force training, the appropriate safety precautions are being observed. They’re not be observed when some idiot parent gives his kid an airsoft gun because “it just shoots little plastic balls” or something idiotic like that.

Stupid accidents are the favorite gateway for gun grabbers, we all know that. Whenever they can muster up righteous indignation about “innocent lives” and “doing it for the children”, it is really easy for us to lose that battle. Suzy Soccermom wants her children to be safe, and if that means taking away those “nasty” airguns, well then so be it.

But if we lose airguns, we lose the greatest entry into the shooting sports. There are probably thousands of other gun owners who got their start with a BB gun, plinking at cans and dirt clods. I for one don’t really want to lose that.

So, here I am again, beating the drum of personal responsibility. So, if you’re younger and reading here; I need you to listen up. Don’t shoot each other with airsoft guns. Or BB guns. Or pellet guns. Just because it’s not a real gun doesn’t mean it can’t main, or even kill. And then sure as shooting, you won’t have your BB gun anymore. If you’re a parent, and you want to give your kid a BB gun or something like that, for the love of god, teach them some damn responsibility. It’s not a toy. When it’s used safely, a BB gun will provide years of fun and valuable practice – but for crying out loud make sure they don’t go around shooting at people.