E-Postal Match, Circular Thinking

This weekend I had a 2nd go at the E-Postal Match, Circular Thinking from the Conservative UAW Guy. I had initially planned on taking the Sooper-Sekrit Anti-Mr. Completely to the range, however a technical problem with light hammer strikes prevented me from shooting that particular pistol for a score. So, having a preponderance of targets, I decided to shoot the match with my Taurus Pt92 9mm and my 1935 Beretta .32 ACP.

The 9mm was ugly. Just ugly. Despite the decent sights, I was slapping rounds all over the damn place with that gun. But hey, it’s a defensive handgun, not a bullseye pistol

Pt92, two hands

Pt92, one hand

I’m kind of amused that I shot a 45 both one handed and two handed. Also, at 25 feet I really thought that shot on the 10 on the one handed target had cut the black, so I proceeded to waste my last two shots missing the 11. Ah well, c’est la vie.

I moved on to the ’35 Beretta. I had been plinking at some bullseyes with it prior to shooting the match, which turned out to be a pretty good idea. I discovered that it was shooting about an inch higher than point of aim. Now, when I shoot this match, I put both targets up side by side, rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. That puts the “1” in the bottom left corner. When I was shooting the Beretta, I discovered that if I held at the bottom of the 8 ring, the shot would pretty much go dead center on the ring above that. So…uh…good trigger control and healthy dose of luck were the primary factors in the score I’m turning in with the Beretta.

’35 Beretta, two hands

’35 Beretta, one hand

So…yeah. That was pretty much the surprise of my day right there. That little Beretta is capable of some surprising accuracy if I do my part. That’s not made any easier by the…vintage sights on the Beretta.

I did have a pretty good day at the range on Saturday, I got to plunk a lot of lead down, played with my 10/22 a bit, and finally managed to get all of my guns clean.