I’ll play your game, Uncle

Ah, blog memes. Those awful things you do when you can’t think of anything to write. Since Uncle tagged the entire internet, I’ll play along.

The name of the game is name eight habits or facts about me. Since “me” is my favorite subject, this shouldn’t be too hard.

  1. I despise action shooting. Seriously, nothing bores me more than IDPA, IPSC, and ICORE. I would like cowboy action shooting if it hadn’t turned into an equipment race with .32 caliber revolvers.
  2. My wife hates the way I blow my nose. I blow with a lot of force and have been known on occasion to compromise the structural integrity of certain, lesser, brands of tissue.
  3. My motivation to completely my regular exercise regimen has nothing to do with staying healthy, and everything to do with my own personal vanity.
  4. The title of this blog is based on an old joke from my other internet home.
  5. Due to the aforementioned vanity, I recently gave up beer; with the only exception to the rule being that I get to have 2 per weekend if we’re out with friends. I regularly question the intelligence of this plan.
  6. I love racquetball. I usually play once a week with a friend – I have progressed from “getting stomped” to “holding my own”.
  7. I’m ambidextrous.
  8. I think that people who overcook a good steak should be taken into the street and shot in the mouth.

I’m not really going to tag anyone, because I’m kind of lazy like that. However, I bet a dollar that AD will pick this sucker up. He loves a good meme. Or a bad one, for that matter.