Blame my gun ADD

Because you won’t be seeing many updates on the 10/22 PDW project. You see, I was cruising GunBroker yesterday (big mistake, I know) when I saw this beauty. It’s a Smith & Wesson 1937 Brazilian Contract M1917 .45 ACP revolver. According to the seller, it has been well cared for, and as you can see in the picture is wearing a very handsome set of stag grips. It also has the 5 inch (or 5.5) barrel.

When I bought my 1935 Beretta a few months back, my decision came down to the Beretta or a gun very much like the revolver pictured above. As happy as I’ve been with the little Beretta, letting that S&W go always rankled me.

So, after a discussion with the owner, and clearance from the Budget Committee, I bid on and won the S&W. I’m going to the post office to get the money order together and then I’ll fire that and a copy of my C&R off to the owner. Once I have the pistol, I’ll post pictures and the usual range report.

Additionally, I can now sleep in peace knowing that if I’m ever confronted by a stalwart Arab mercenary armed with a huge sword, I’ll finally be ready for him.