OSHA Backs down

That proposed restriction on retailers and manufacturers of ammunition? It’s going back to the drawing board.

Gun owners had filed a blizzard of negative comments urged by the NRA

I believe that is the technical definition of “grassroots”.

You know, that just gave me an idea. This is exactly why people like this guy and this gal are so afraid of the NRA – because the NRA is effective. I will say, I did write to OSHA, but I didn’t hear about it from the NRA. My NRA-ILA alert came a full two days after I read about it at Uncle’s Place. That’s what’s funny about the anti-NRA crowd. As much as I appreciate the NRA and all the work they do for us, they’re not some all-powerful boogeyman that pulls the strings of their puppet gun owners and makes us dance.

Most of the time, we’re onto an issue before the NRA has even tossed a press release into the wind. That is real grassroots, and that is what the other team should be scared of. But they can’t attack that sort of activism, because it doesn’t have a label on it. Sure, they could go after individual bloggers here and there, but it’s much easier for them to build the NRA into the Evil-Gun-Monster and attack that.