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The Big Story in local politics right now is how property taxes in Marion County have increased dramatically, up to quadrupling for homeowners in certain areas. It’s gotten to the point where people are protesting outside the Governor’s Mansion (more on that later), and that the outrage about egregious taxation is so high that the City/County Government put off a vote about raising Marion County income tax, essentially due to pressure from the taxpayers.

Now, a lot of people are pissed off. So pissed off, that they’re protesting outside the Governor’s mansion, as I mentioned above. For the record, if you blame the governor for an increase in property taxes in Marion County, you are an idiot. It’s pretty much that simple. The Governor doesn’t really have a damn thing to do with your property taxes. However, if you are looking for someone to blame for your tax issues, you don’t have any further to look that Mr. Mayor of Indianapolis, Bart Peterson.

Although the mayor promises imminent property tax relief, he still plans to increase income tax to help fund the crime fighting initiative.

“This property tax storm will pass. We will get this resolved, I believe, if the legislature has the will to do it and if everybody comes together and works together. When that passes, we’ll still have the same challenges we had before. We have to fight crime in this city, and that’s one thing I will not back down on.”

He goes on to say that he just want to pay the pensions of police officers and firefighters in the Indianapolis. I am completely okay with that. However, instead of taxing the bejesus out of your constituency, perhaps you ought to consider cutting some of the pork from your budget first. Just a thought.

There are a lot of issues at play in the property tax increase. A lot of people are blaming the new stadium that the Colts are having built, and that’s partly correct. However, the story behind the curtain that no one is really talking about is exactly whose taxes are being raised. Indianapolis is in the process of remaking its image – and if you’ve ever driven around Indy you’d be impressed with the Downtown area, and with some of the other areas. However, one of the places where property taxes have increased the most is in low income areas.

That’s right, the Democratic administration that most of the low-income homeowners voted for…has raised their taxes. Why do you think that is? You don’t think that it would have anything to do with the fact that the land that is currently occupied by dilapidated low income homes is worth a shitload of money…a shitload of money that the City/County would love to get from someone with a bit more income than the aforementioned low-income homeowners.

So, if you’re in Marion County, and your property taxes went up, allow me to make a suggestion. I understand that you’re pissed. This is an election year in Indiana. If you’re really upset about the way your property taxes have increased, and if you’re upset about the Mayor’s plans to increase your income tax instead of cutting pork from the budget – this November is your chance to say something about it.

You can vote Bart, and this entire administration out of office. The City/County government has demonstrated time and time again that it’s only interested in paying lip service to the citizens of Marion County, especially to the low income residents of Marion County. Like I said, if you really want to make a statement about property taxes in Marion County, make that statement with your vote in November. It is clearly time for Bart Peterson to go.

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