Pure baseball

No steriods, no big contracts, no Barry Bonds, and no Bud Selig. Just baseball. Oh, I know you’ll say “But Ahab, they use aluminum bats!” or “they have a designated hitter”. Yes, they have both of those things. But watching the College World Series every June is a sporting event that should not be missed.

A lot of the kids playing college baseball won’t ever see even the minor leagues – it’s all pride, and heart. There’s also a lot more parity in college baseball than there is in college football. Where else can a little UC system school like UC Irvine play on the national level with schools like Texas? Certainly not in the BCS.

Plus, college baseball has something that college football fans dream about; an honest to god playoff system, with an easily determined national champion. Sure, there are rankings, but if you don’t win in the College World Series, you’re not the champion. Simple as that.

A couple of years ago, I remember an add for the CWS that was played on ESPN. The tagline was great, and memorable. “More ping, less bling.” I like it.

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