First run with the new grill

Mrs. Ahab and I did some grilling last night on the new Traeger grill, which proved to be an excellent idea. This wasn’t purposeful grilling, we didn’t buy nice steaks from the butcher with the intent of grilling, no we just used the average cut of meat that we had originally planned on cooking on the indoor electric grill.

So, after being marinated and rubbed down, the three small steaks went onto the .22 Magnum. After about 11 minutes and one turn, they were done. Now normally when we’ve cooked steaks like these before on the electric grill, even I get them perfectly medium rare, they’ve still lost a lot of juice.

Not so on the Traeger. The smoker/grill sealed all the juices and flavor right into the steak, and since they were perfectly medium rare (the thick ones, the thin one was medium), this was easily one of the most delicious, juicy, melt in your mouth steaks I’ve had in a while. I really want to try this with a quality cut of meat and see the results.