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Wanted: Large Equus caballus, preferably deceased for occasional floggings and continuous beating. Previous partner was beaten into oblivion. Contact Rev. Jesse Jackson at 800-RACE-CRD for more details.

I’m sure all of you remember that Jesse Jackson was recently arrested for trespassing while protesting in front of a suburban gun shop in Illinois. Well, his arrested didn’t seem to have the desired effect, although it did have exactly the effect that I was anticipating.

A day after his arrest for picketing in front of a suburban gun store, Rev. Jesse Jackson said he is more encouraged to fight against gun violence in America.

It’s worth noting that he was arrested for trespassing, not picketing.

“I think people have the right to bear arms at a hunting reserve. But you’re not hunting deer with semi-automatic weapons,”

Not that you’re interested in facts or anything silly like that; but people actually do hunt deer with semi-automatic rifles. That link is a semi-automatic hunting rifle; but of course hunting isn’t even actually the issue here. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about “right to keep and bear arms for potting furry bastards”.

“We’re going to keep protesting until America becomes more conscious of the domestic terrorism allowed by guns.”

Nice drop of the “terrorist” buzzword there. “Terrorism” has become such a weasel word, now whenever someone wants to get Suzy Soccermom to associate a thing with “bad”, all they have to do is drop “terrorists” or “terrorism” in there somewhere.

I have a suggestion for Jesse Jackson. Obviously, you are perturbed by the amount of violence in America. So am I. However, I recognize that guns are not to blame for inner city violent crime. Perhaps you should look to your precious inner cities, and the level of education available to the young men who so often turn to crime as a way out.

Of course, if you actually tried to fix the issues that lie at the root of inner city crime, you’d loose your entire platform and become irrelevant. You can’t have that, now can you?