Must be something in the water

In Utah, at least.

A 59-year-old truck driver was sliced in the neck as he fought to get a gun away from a Utah prisoner who had dashed into an Arby’s after the fatal shooting of a guard.

The abbreviated version of the story is that some absolute mutant of a convict out for a medical appointment attacks and kills the corrections officer with him; then runs into an Arby’s where he encountered for Army Paratrooper Eric Fullerton. Mr. Fullerton wrestled the dead officer’s weapon from Mr. Scumbag while sustaining a knife wound to the neck from said scumbag. The dirtbag, now disarmed fled into the managers office and hid there – eventually being captured by police. Mr. Fullerton was nonchalant about the affair.

“I just wanted a sandwich. I didn’t go there for my morning workout,” said Fullerton, who was not seriously injured but needed stitches.

Bravo to Mr. Fullerton; his quick thinking and courage undoubtedly prevented the murderous scumbag from taking anyone else out. I daresay, if Mr. Fullerton is ever again asked to pay for food at any Arby’s in the country, I would be shocked.