To my readers

This is for my readers as well as Sebastian’s readers since he linked to the whole thing as well. Yesterday I linked to a blogger who thought my blog was “scary” because of all the pro-gun content. Sebastian linked to it as well at his place.

The end result was that his post about my “scary” blog got more comments than all the other posts on his front page combined, at a score of 26 to 9. The bulk of those comments came from pro-gun readers of this and Sebastian’s blog. Quite honestly, I’m really impressed by everyone that chose to comment over there, everyone was polite, courteous, and intelligent.

If you want to go over there and read the comments, go right ahead. The stream of progunners has driven the blog author straight back to the same tired old arguments that you and I have heard about 1,000 times. He did say one thing though that I’m going to comment on.

Seriously, I do wonder whether all these posts reflect an underlying doubt; on those occasions when I accidentally see a Republican blog, I hardly ever feel compelled to comment, no matter how foolish the content.

Actually, the reason (I think) that an anti-gun blog can generate so much traffic has two reasons: 1) Most gun owners that read this (and other) blogs are very passionate about their beliefs, and 2) we have a relatively well networked community. If someone says “hey, look at this” it is generally guaranteed to bring a few people around.

The short of version of all of this is that I think my readers are awesome. Thanks!

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