Breaking news: People are stupid

Idiots press charges against children for violating noise ordinance, case summarily dismissed by judge.

It’s what kids do: squeal in delight when they’re having fun.
But to some Long Island residents those squeals were unwelcome noise, and they wanted two neighborhood girls playing in a backyard pool to pipe down.

Wow. So now you haul the family before a judge, who in my personal surprise of the day, actually makes an intelligent ruling.

The complaints fell on deaf ears Wednesday night when Bayville’s acting village justice dismissed a summons accusing the girls’ parents, William and Rachel Poczatek, of violating a village noise ordinance.

I have annoying neighbors. They’re really just awful. They play annoying, bass-heavy music until two or three in the morning, and not just on weekends. They don’t take care of their yard at all; when they mowed a week and a half ago it was the first time this year. They’re generally inconsiderate.

But I’ve never (yet) called the cops on them; mostly because I don’t feel like the fact that their habits get on my nerves are worthy of governmental intervention.

Before the hearing, neighbor Sheila Brown said the children’s squeals were not your usual brand of merriment.

“I have five dogs,” Brown said. “Five dogs don’t make this much noise. This is not something that started yesterday. They have been asked politely, but this is an ongoing issue far beyond children just playing in the pool.”

I am glad to see that she asked the parents to try and keep their kids quieter, but at the same time I can’t imagine that these kids are playing in the pool after dark when people are trying to sleep. Seriously, if the kids are shouting and squealing and having a good time during the day I don’t see the problem.

I just can’t believe that someone thought that kids making noise was worth hauling people in front of a judge.

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