Big sports weekend

First off, congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs on winning their 4th NBA Championship in 9 years. I can’t honestly say that I watched more than 5 minutes of the games; but the Spurs have always been a classy organization, and Tim Duncan is a good guy. I was a semi-fan during the days of David Robinson, one of the finest examples of an athlete and a gentleman to ever play sports.

Now, the big focus of (my) sporting weekend is that the Red Sox are starting a series against the San Francisco (spit) Giants. To understand why I’m so excited about this series, you have to go back to my childhood, a decent percentage of which was spent at Chavez Ravine watching the LA Dodgers play. The Dodgers are still one of “my” teams; including in my love for the Dodgers is a deep and abiding hatred of the Giants.

If you couple that with the fact that I absolutely despise Barry Bonds with every fiber in my being and am gleefully looking forward to watching the Fenway crowd boo him means that I am excited about this series.

I want the Red Sox to club the Giants into another solar system. Quite frankly, if the Red Sox intentionally walked Bonds every time he came to plate, I might cry a tear of joy.

Fuck Barry Bonds, fuck the Giants, and GO SOX!

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