A little common sense

From a South Bend police officer. In an editorial on why gun control control won’t work, South Bend police Sergeant Al DeRoo makes a lot of good sense.

He also lays out a nice step by step explanation of the Indiana concealed weapons permit process, from the local background check, to the state level, all the way up to federal portion of the event. My favorite part is where he points out the innate hypocrisy of people who oppose the Patriot Act but support gun confiscation.

These gun control advocates want the government to authorize police to enter homes and confiscate weapons should a person have guns in his or her home. Some of these same people are angry about the USA Patriot Act which allows our government agents to tap certain phone lines for the safety of our citizens. There’s a hew and cry that this is a violation of privacy even though it’s for our protection.

What about authorities entering your home and taking your weapons, weapons for your protection?

Good point. The entire article is well worth a read, in fact I can even forgive him for accidentally writing AK-15 near the end. Although, I should point out that the importation of full automatic weapons like the Ak47 has been illegal for some time.